It's Unanimous: These Are the Top 3 Thongs

Lauren Eggertsen

When it comes to underwear, comfort is key, which is actually why some women choose to avoid thong and G-string styles altogether. The whole idea of a thong seems counterintuitive when it comes to comfort, but according to glowing reviews from multiple customers, there are three thongs in existence that real wearers across the globe can't imagine living their lives without. We figured that in order to figure out which thongs were actually the "best," we would stalk the reviews section across multiple large online retailers. During our research, we noticed that the three thongs presented to you below had overwhelmingly more positive reviews across the board.

Whether it be Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, or Macy's, real customers are claiming the choices below are the best thongs period. We've listed some of the customer reviews that really stood out to us, in addition to shopping out other highly recommended thongs to add to your negligée drawer. Because if you're going to trust anyone in this situation, it's going to be the people who are buying and wearing these styles on repeat.

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