These New $68 Skinny Jeans Look Just Like Premium Denim

Allyson Payer


It hasn't been all that long (a year, in fact) since Everlane first started making denim, but it's no surprise that the basics powerhouse has quickly perfected the art, and even celebrities are on board. But the brand isn't resting on its laurels. It keeps releasing new, on-trend styles and washes, many of which fly out of stock, and its latest collection has the potential to be its most popular yet. 

As of today, Everlane has released its first line of "true stretch denim", coined Authentic Stretch. The brand says the collection has a "real denim look" and "super-flattering stretch". It consists of mostly skinny jeans (and a pair of cigarette jeans) at this point, with various rises and black and blue washes. The Everlane designers seem to have pinpointed the #1 issue when wearing stretch denim in saying, "Flattering at first—but by the end of the day? Loose, stretched out, and just plain cheap-looking. Worst of all: It doesn’t even look like real denim." To counteract this, Everlane's stretch jeans are made of "an innovative fabric with a high elasticity rate so it has comfortable stretch, with a gutsy, authentic look." 

All of the skinny jeans ring in at $68, which is a steal, in our opinion, as we've seen premium denim that's three times the price yet looks no more expensive than Everlane's. If these ridiculously affordable, comfortable skinny jeans don't sell out in a matter of days, we'll be shocked. Shop them below in our favourite washes while you still can.


Opening image: Everlane

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