I'm a Fashion Editor and Buy All My Spring Loungewear From These 7 Brands

Best spring loungewear



Pictured: Alo top and pants

Over the past year, loungewear has become the #1 wardrobe essential. It's obviously much needed for relaxing at home, but the pandemic has undoubtedly normalized wearing it outside too. For this reason, you want it to look as cool as it is comfortable. Even though I've worked from home for almost six years, I never paid all that much attention to my loungewear until last year. But with Zoom meetings and all the conversations around loungewear these days, I've certainly paid more attention than ever to my collection of comfortable clothes.

Something you've probably realized by now is that not all loungewear is created equal. Just as with all of our other clothes, fit is important. And some soft fabrics are much softer than others. Also, loungewear trends are a thing, so that's also something to consider. There are certain brands that check all the boxes, so I go back to them time and time again for my loungewear needs. Keep scrolling to shop with me, and may you have a supremely comfortable spring.


I find it quite fun that the brand we all know and love for flirty dresses and tops also makes incredible loungewear. Please don't ever stop, Reformation.


When I want something really soft, I know that I never have to look any further than Alo. It really prioritizes developing signature fabrics for every need. Check out its Alosoft pieces if you want comfortable clothes that work for both lounging and workouts.


Chic, affordable loungewear is always the goal, isn't it? Luckily, that goal can be achieved with H&M. Per usual, it always has the latest trends, and prices are low enough to allow for stocking up.


That little Nike check instantly makes anything that it adorns significantly cooler. It's become cooler than ever over the past year, and I find the prices to be surprisingly reasonable.


As far as loungewear that can and should be worn outside too is concerned, Donni takes the cake. Each season, its pieces set trends and garner a cult following. This explains why the brand is all over your Instagram feed.

Richer Poorer

I love the way Richer Poorer pieces fit—they've really nailed the cool boxy, slouchy look. I can say without hesitation that its sweatpants are my hands-down favorite.

Beyond Yoga

I've been a fan of Beyond Yoga leggings for years, but recently, I've been wearing its loungewear pieces and they're glorious. I don't know how they make things that are so soft yet so flattering at the same time, but I'm not questioning it.

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