I've Worn These Boots for Years, and They Still Earn Me So Many Compliments

Michelle Scanga


Whether you’re an ankle-boot lifer or play with on-trend styles like slouchy and printed boots, essentially everyone wears the shoe style on repeat. Most of us also have that one pair we wear on the regular, the boots that no matter what they’re paired with, they’re an equally comfortable and stylish option. For me, it’s a pair of Kenneth Cole ankle boots I purchased six years ago that has since become one of my favourites.

Let me paint a visual of these boots before you scroll down and see them for yourself. They have a neutral snakeskin texture with a pointed toe and a good amount of heel height. They’ve also earned me the most compliments out of any of the boots in my footwear collection. While I wear them every year, the snakeskin look is especially on trend this season. Keep reading to see how I’ve styled the boots, and shop my favourite snakeskin boots at the end.

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