A Moment of Appreciation for the Understated Style at Fashion Week Australia

This May 9–17, Who What Wear Australia presents its third annual Street Style Awards#TheStreeties, honouring the tastemakers and industry insiders whose style sets the tone and influences the world of fashion today. Last year, Chloe Hill was crowned the winner of the 2017 Street Style Awards for her ability to push boundaries with flair and colour. We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store. 

So we're half way through Fashion Week Australia, and while we’ve see so many great style moments happen both on and off runways, we can’t wait to see what still lies ahead. As far as street style goes, the plethora of amazing looks we’ve seen is seemingly never-ending. It’s fair to say that Australian fashion insiders know how to capitalise on their personal style—whatever it may be.
While yesterday highlighted the best accessories we’ve spotted thus far, today we’re focusing on overall outfits for #TheStreeties. There’s no question that 2018 is a year full of boldness (think colours, patterns, and frills galore), but there is nonetheless something very impressive about a chic and refined getup. So for our Day 3 street style roundup, we’ve decided to turn our focus to sleek style.

Compared to the rest of the world, Australia’s fashion can tend to be a little more laid-back (when compared to Milan, for example). Fortunately for us, though, this sense of style lends itself particularly well to mastering the art of seemingly-effortless outfits. And thus, we’re proud to introduce the best sleek, and understated style from Day 3 of Fashion Week Australia. Click through the gallery below to see everything that caught our eye.

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