The Under-$100 Skinny Jeans You'll Wear Everywhere


Sandra Semburg.

There’s no question that people feel strongly about affordable denim. Chances are you already own more than a few pairs of jeans, so why invest in yet another pair of skinny jeans? Well, a friend of mine recently inquired via Facebook recommendations for the best skinny jeans under $100, and it got my wheels turning. After all, working in fashion can definitely alter my perception of what’s accessible and appropriate for everyday––for example, dropping $300 plus on denim isn’t always the most responsible option. 

Her post was a great opportunity to crowd-source what people are actually buying and which brands they love most. Plus, it got an enormous response, with dozens of comments and recommendations––from Madewell to Levi’s and more. But one thing stood out most––while jeans may come in numerous washes and cuts, all anyone really wants out of their denim is to have it fit well and look great. So without further ado, here are some of those recommendations (along with a few of my own) to try out for yourself. And in case you need further justification for an extra pair of skinny jeans––aren’t they the perfect foundation for any wardrobe?


These are the styles we're predicting you’ll see everywhere this season.

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