The 15 Best Shoe Buys From 2018, According to Our Editors

Kristen Nichols

After a year spent reviewing everything from runway shows and celebrity outfits to Instagram style and new arrivals at our favourite retailers, Who What Wear’s editors have collectively covered every corner of the fashion world in 2018. When it comes to our own personal wardrobes, though, we all have different takes on style, ranging from trend-forward to edgy to classic, so the pieces that land in each of our closets range across the board. There’s no doubting that we all share at least one common fashion interest, though—shoes.

Curious to find out which shoes were the staff favourites from the past year, I asked each of our editors to weigh in with their best buys. Which ones would they have been mad if they had passed on, and which are the most-worn styles in their closets? Ahead, see the best shoe buys Who What Wear’s editors made in 2018 and then shop them for yourself. Scroll on to see why each of them made the cut, and find my picks at the end (including a $70 Zara find I’ve been wearing on repeat).

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