Trust Me—Ribbed-Knit Sets Are 100% Worth the Hype, and I Adore These 21

As a fashion editor, I have a strong love for trying out new trends and spending my free time thinking of outfits to put together. But despite all of that, I find myself resorting to my loungewear often. I love going out, but I'm a homebody at heart, and comfort is always a priority. We invest in outfits for occasions, so why not put that same energy into the outfits we wear almost every day? When it comes to comfy clothing, a ribbed-knit set is a must-have. It'll look like you put effort into your outfit, but you'll still feel like you're in pajamas. I'm still working from home most days, and my collection of knit sets gets the most love in my closet. 

If you're looking to upgrade your cozy wardrobe to be a bit more elevated, ribbed pant sets are the option you need to invest in. Naturally, I had to write about it, so I searched through the internet and found the best sets along with how the fashion set is wearing them. Ahead, enjoy shopping my personal 21 favorite ribbed-knit pant sets on the market right now that will have your spring wardrobe set and ready in no time. 



I love this subtle shade of pink.

Shop the matching Ribbed Cotton Pants ($25).

The silhouette of the top makes this look way more luxe than your average loungewear set.

Shop the matching Flared Rib Pants ($40).



The kind of color that will make anyone smile.

Shop the matching Saturn Pants ($215).

This is a best seller for a reason.

Shop the matching Ribbed Side-Tie Knit Pants ($59).

Very trendy, very cute.

Shop the matching Fur Trim Cardigan ($43).



I'll gladly replace all my sweatsuits with this.

Shop the matching Celia Wide-Leg Pants ($155).

Made for looking chic.

Shop the matching Flared Rib Trousers ($60).



Tied cardigans can sometimes come off a little tacky, but this one is perfection.

I'll be wearing this on vacation.

Shop the matching Ribbed Pants ($30).

Lilac is trending hard for 2022.

Shop the matching Variegated Rib Pant ($168).



If you prefer shorts over pants, this set's for you.

Shop the matching Ribbed Knit Shorts ($18).

The ultimate lounge 'fit.

Shop the matching Rib Knit Pants ($84). 

When it comes to making ribbed knits, Simon Miller does it best. (Trust me—I own three pairs.)

Shop the matching Marek Wide Leg Pants ($175).



Everyone needs a staple black set in their wardrobe.

Shop the matching Fitted Rib Knit Trousers ($99).

Perfect for lounging and for yoga.

Shop the matching Seamless Ribbed Leggings ($24).

Throw a blazer on top and add your coolest sneakers.

Shop the matching Blossom Rib Pants ($45).



Staud can do no wrong.

Shop the matching Nash Pants ($245).

Easy and comfy.

Shop the matching Ribbed Pants ($25).

This is a work of art.

Shop the matching Rochelle Pants ($495).

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