Oblong Sunglasses—Will You Wear Them? Yes or No


Getty Images

While teeny tiny frames and slim cat-eyes have been everywhere lately, we couldn’t help but notice another trend brewing just below the surface: Oblong sunglasses. As opposed to the ultra thin frames that took over fashion week, these lenses are a like the filled-out cousin of the micro sunnies. Their rectangular shape is familiar, just a little different this time around.

To further our suspicions, Illesteva just launched its newest collection. And yes, it includes the oblong rectangular frames we’re talking about. Considering the fact that Illesteva rolled out both round frames and tortoiseshell before those trends took to the masses, we’re thinking that this is yet another example of the brand predicting (or starting) the latest sunglasses trend.

Illesteva isn’t the only brand to catch on. In fact, we’ve been noticing some of the most credible labels creating unique versions of the style as of late. From Off White to Poppy Lissiman, cool-kid designers are getting behind the oblong shape—and we’re taking that as a sign that we should too. To see the Illesteva sunnies, and our other favourites, keep scrolling.

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