I Don't Own This Must-Have NY Item, and I'm Miserable Because of It

Lauren Eggertsen

Granted, I have only lived in New York for a year and a half, but within that year and a half, it has rained lot. Each and every time it rains, I find myself sulking in my own misery because of simple products I don't own, typically thanks to my own laziness. So today, I'm here to talk to you about the importance of owning an umbrella! Just kidding. I'm really here to talk to you about raincoats. But not just any raincoats—the best raincoats money can buy. 

I never really took raincoats seriously until I moved to New York where when it rains, it doesn't just rain downwards—it somehow manages to rain sideways and sometimes upward too. It's downpours like that that make your umbrella feel obsolete and ineffective. This is where raincoats come in, covering up a majority of your ensemble protects the weird parts of your body that an umbrella can't, and that's a fact. If you too struggle with this so-called downpour, buy yourself one of the following really cute raincoats and wave goodbye to your sorrows. With one of these on your back, no rainy day will get you down ever again. 

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