The Pretty Tops Our Editors Are Wearing

Kristen Nichols


While I look to many corners of the internet for fashion inspiration, I frequently don't have to venture beyond the Who What Wear office to find the pieces I want to add to my closet. Yep, what our fashion editors are wearing often causes me to make purchases of my own. And right now with my sights set on collecting the best pretty tops for the months ahead, I asked them to share the ones they're loving at the moment.

The most interesting part was seeing some of the trends I discovered among their picks. Pretty white tops finished with details like ruffles and covered buttons were called out by over half of our editors, so I expect those to be a huge trend this season. Also noteworthy are the retailers they're shopping from: Affordable brands like Zara and Pixie Market made up for half of their picks. So the good news is that you can tap into their style with some inexpensive options. Ahead are the best pretty tops from our editors.

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