Behold: The Updated Version of the Pencil Skirt Is Here (And It Feels so '90s)


Byron Spencer for Réalisation Par

Pencil skirts are making a comeback as of late, but the styles we’re seeing aren’t your boring old office duds. Instead, the 2018 version of a pencil skirt is much more fun. Rather than the corporate, polished look we’ve come to associate with the silhouette, this season’s pencil skirts say “pleasure” more than “business”.

In unique colours, fabrics, and silhouettes, the classic pencil skirt has been upgraded for the better. Not to mention, the silky, ruffled iterations we’ve been spotting call to mind the ever-popular ‘90s vibe we’re all after. From denim versions, to metallic, there’s a pencil skirt for every style. We predict everyone will be trying the trend in the coming months, so keep scrolling to shop our favourites and stay ahead of the trend.


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