So Is Everyone Just Renting Their Clothes Now?

Who hasn’t had the urge to buy a new dress for an upcoming special event?  Regardless of whether or not you already have multiple other options hanging in your closet, sometimes it just feels necessary to get something new for certain occasions. While going all-out for a big event can make you look and feel fabulous, it doesn’t always have the same effect on your bank account. After all, once the big night has passed, how often do you end up re-wearing whatever special garment you’ve bought for that specific event? Chances are, “occasion” dresses often end up hanging in the back of your closet for months - not the greatest cost per wear ratio.  Luckily, more and more sites are popping up that allow you to rent a statement piece for a few days at only a fraction of the retail price.  Given that the most stunning items are usually not the most versatile, this is a great option when you’re aiming for that “wow factor” without breaking the bank.

Keep reading to learn about the five best Australian sites that you can rent from for your next big occasionor even just your next GNO.

Glam Corner

With more options than any other Australian rental site, you’re sure to find something suitable to your style on Glam Corner. It has over 5,000 designer dresses to pick and choose from that will be delivered straight to your door along with a return package to make returning your rented dress as easy as possible. While some smaller rental sites may only have dresses from past seasons, Glam Corner prides itself on keeping up to date with the latest looks.  One of the best features on Glam Corner, though, is the “backup dress” option, where you add an extra dress for only $15. The last thing anyone wants before a big event is to realise that your dress doesn’t fit, so this extra little bit definitely seems worth it!

Your Closet

Much like Glam Corner, Your Closet works the same way: you pick a dress, it’s delivered, you wear it, you return it. While the options are slightly more limited, you’re still sure to find something among its 1,000 styles. Your Closet is like the little sister of Glam Corner, with a strong focus on Australian-based designers. Your Closet charges a $5 insurance policy to cover any wear and tear. For some of the more popular dresses, there are reviews by past renters available with photos of them wearing the dress. Because things can fit so differently in person than they may look in a flat image online, this feature is helping you determine which dresses will actually flatter your figure.

Her Wardrobe

Her Wardrobe features Australian Designers, renting both dresses and accessories. While this site may have less options than Glam Corner and Your Closet, there are a few features that really make Her Wardrobe stand out. Perhaps the most affordable option, Her Wardrobe features styles starting from only $50and that includes delivery and return! In addition, the online chat feature on the website makes it easy to get help while trying to find your perfect dress. Not only that, but once you’ve found it, Her Wardrobe automatically suggests accessories to help you complete the look, making the whole process of  figuring out what to wear easier than ever.  My favourite feature of this site, however, is the “Shop Her Insta” feature, which lets you shop from the Her Wardrobe Instagram featuring photos of customers in their rented dresses.  Because it can be so difficult to tell what a dress looks like in “real life," I love being able to see how the dresses look in action.

Something Borrowed

Like the idea of renting, but not a fan of online shopping? Something Borrowed is a great option for girls who live in Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. Slightly different from the other rental services, Something Borrowed is actually a boutique-based enterprise. While the concept of renting and returning is still there, Something Borrowed operates as a shop where you go in and try on dresses in person. The cost of rental is per weekend, and you can either take the dress home the same day, or book it for the future. The experience of trying on before renting ensures that your rented dress will fit, and the cost  includes an appointment with a stylist who helps you pick the perfect look, accessories included!

The Volte

Sydney based company, The Volte, describes itself as, “a modern marketplace that allows you to invest in your style”.  More similar to a sales platform (think eBay), The Volte is based around “Borrowers” and “Lenders”. If you’re only looking to rent, there are over 5,000 styles to borrow, ranging from about $60 to $2,000. One great feature of The Volte is the “shop by closet” option. If you find a lender whose style you love or whose clothes fit you perfectly, you can sort out their rentals among the thousands and continue renting from them.  Perhaps the most exciting prospect of The Volte however, is the idea that you can also make money off of the clothes sleeping in the back of your own closet by renting them out as well. Once you sign up, it’s free to list clothes on the site. You’re only charged a 15% service fee if a piece actually rented, which is not bad considering that all you have to do is upload the item and be responsible for shipping.