30 Investment Pieces Fashion Girls Are Buying in 2019

Kristen Nichols

As it happens, I personally believe in investment shopping. When making new purchases, I consider factors like quality over quantity and cost per wear each time I buy something new, and I tend to skip over super-trendy pieces that won’t have a long shelf life. To find out which shopping picks we’re braced to see more of next year (i.e., what’s gonna stick around), I asked a handful of stylish fashion girls to weigh in about the investment pieces they’re already gunning for in 2019.

I’ve posed the question before, but right now I’m interested to find out which direction the fashion needle will be moving in a couple of months. It turns out that boots and jewellery are top of mind, with accessories from Chanel continuing to be among the most wanted items for the fashion set. So, what are the best new investment pieces worth adding to your shopping cart for the New Year? Ahead, see the items fashion girls will be buying in 2019—and scroll to the end to see which are on my list.

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