My Heart Hurts Because These Mango Shoes Are So Good

Anna LaPlaca

The other day I was scrolling through Mango's shoe section, and I have to say, I let out an audible gasp at what I saw (in a good way, I promise). Maybe it's just me, but I've often turned to the Spanish retailer even before Zara (some of my co-workers might disown me for this) because I can always count on its affordable selection of elevated, on-trend pieces. This time, I found myself deep in a rabbit hole of Mango shoes. Each pair I discovered was even more amazing than the next, leaving me indecisive as to which pair to order (I already had seven pairs in my shopping cart).

By the time I had scrolled through the 250 pairs of shoes on the site, I had already texted my best friend telling her to guard my credit card before I bought every amazing pair. Once you feast your eyes on the following pairs of sleek cowboy boots, contrast-heel pumps, and printed sandals ahead, you'll see exactly what I mean when I say that "my heart hurts" over these incredibly stylish (and affordable) shoes. Each pair just seems to hit the right trends in a really elevated way that I can't seem to find elsewhere.

Ahead, shop every pair of Mango shoes I can't get over, from contrast-heel pumps to retro strappy sandals.

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