Runners Love These 19 Sneakers

Aemilia Madden

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Whether you have a long list of marathons under your belt, or you're training for your first 5K, the key to surviving is arming yourself with the best sneakers for long-distance runners. Making sure you're geared up with footwear that is supportive, cushioned, and well-fit will prevent you from suffering painful blisters (not to mention lost toenails) as you race along

To help set you on the path to success (and super speed), we're rounding up the sneakers that pavement-pounding runners love. These top-rated styles run the gamut from ultra-supportive to more minimal, but all will help you log those miles pain-free. So no matter what your next goal may be, make sure you've got the one thing that will guarantee success, a great pair of running shoes. Read on to shop our picks now.

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