Now You Know: These Are the Best Bras for Every Body Type

Kristen Nichols

You’ve heard it before—some 75 per cent of women are wearing the wrong bra. But even though finding the right bra isn’t easy, it’s something all women have to deal with. To point us in the right direction, we turned to Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle, to fill us in on the which bra styles work best for each woman.

We understand that the best lingerie for your body type is a very personal thing and everyone has their own preferences. That being said, finding out tips from an expert is the best way to discover the silhouette that can work best for you. Whether you’re after the perfect cut to wear under a T-shirt or lace-trimmed bralettes that are are too pretty to keep concealed, we’ve rounded up six key styles to try and which body types they work best for.

Keep reading to find out which bra styles are best for your body type and shop our favourite picks.

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