21 Chic Jewellery Boxes to Display on Your Dresser

We've all been there—collections of necklaces, bracelets, and rings piling up on the shelf or dresser when all we really need is a jewellery box to keep it all organised. Without a proper place for your accessories to go, it's easy for them to get tangled up, or even lost. But beautiful baubles can't just be shoved in a shoebox or hung on a thumbtack; they require a beautiful storage.

To help keep your accessories safe (in style), we're rounding up the best jewellery boxes out there. From classic cases to glass-panelled displays, we've found storage so pretty you'll proudly display it on your dresser. So if you're tired of the tangle of necklaces and rings you've amassed, it's time to do a little sprucing up with our picks below. Finally, a way to put on jewellery without the taking 20 minutes to untangle what you want to wear.

Ready to get busy organising? Click through to shop our favourite jewellery boxes.

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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