The 3 Types of Jeans That Are Best for Flat Butts

Adrianna Barrionuevo

Collage Vintage

Shopping for jeans is always a tough feat—there’s the wash, the length, and the right fit to worry about, and if you have a small butt, filling out a pair of jeans is one more concern on top of the rest. Obviously you’ll want to find a style that’s snug and flattering (no pun intended) while giving your derrière a little definition, but what should you be looking for exactly?

Paige Adams-Geller, Paige co-founder and creative director, was interviewed by Refinery 29 and advised shoppers with a flat butt to look for “denim that has pockets with details, like zippers and welts, that add extra thickness to the back pocket.” She also notes that wash plays an important factor and sanding is your best friend: “The sanding acts as a highlighter and gives the illusion of volume.” Mother designer and co-founder Tim Kaeding adds that high-waist styles are ideal because they “promote the idea of a fuller silhouette.” 

Keep scrolling to shop the three denim styles that are guaranteed to enhance the flattest of derrières.

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