The Secret to Making Your Butt Look Good in Jeans

Aemilia Madden

You want your butt to look good in jeans—no surprise there. But when it comes time to shop for new denim, we know that it can feel like it takes a million misses to find a single pair of jeans that fits you like a glove. Turns out, there's a better way to find that perfect pair of true blues, and it's all about taking one important thing into account: the yoke of your jeans.

What exactly is the yoke you might ask? It's the patch of jeans between the waistband and butt pockets, and the shape can have a major effect of how jeans fit from behind. To help explain, we tapped Paige Adams-Geller (yes, that Paige) to break it down. "The back yoke in a pair of jeans is essential in determining the fit of the jeans and how flattering they are on your bum," she notes.

While there is a range of shapes, some more relaxed, others that emphasise your assets, according to Paige, one style reigns supreme, "The most flattering yoke detail is the classic soft V-shape." To help illustrate what that looks like, we created a handy graphic below and shopped out jeans with V-shaped yoke so you can find the pair that will make your butt look oh so good

Read on for a guide to finding the most flattering jeans for your butt, and to shop the ideal style!

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