These 3 Jackets Are So Worth the Investment—See the Outfits That Prove It

Anna LaPlaca

Welcome to Cost Per Wear, a series where we break down how much value really lies in certain items so you can make well-informed shopping choices. Given that many outfit ideas we have saved for each item, we've calculated the cost per wear for every time we step out in the piece (as long as we copy each of the following outfit ideas, of course).

What defines a rock-solid investment piece? It has to have a silhouette that will stand the test of time but still feel modern and cool enough that you're excited to put money down on it today, versatile enough to wear with the better half of your wardrobe, and, ideally, be able to singlehandedly make an outfit. Sounds like a tough feat for a single garment, no?

Well, it just so happens that in the outerwear department there are three of the best jackets for women that the fashion world has agreed upon for years now. We've witnessed three styles—Anine Bing's Madeline Blazer, The Arrivals Moya III Jacket, and Veda's Jayne Biker Jacket—withstand countless trends and seasons and still come out looking just as relevant as they did when we first laid eyes on them. That, and they check off all the boxes I just outlined above, making each jacket worth every penny of their (admittedly higher-end) pricetags.

Keep reading to see the outfit photos that speak to the versatility of each jacket (so many ways to wear them!), and then shop each one armed with this proof.

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