PSA: Fashion Girls Can't Stop Talking About These 5 Italian Shoe Brands



Not that we have anything against shoes from other countries—and we will be the first to admit some of our favourite designers are right here in the U.S.—but we can’t deny that no one does it quite like Italian designers. Whether it’s classic pumps or statement heels, fashion girls can’t stop discussing Italian shoe brands, and we’re right there in the conversation with them.

The proof is in the pudding, as well: Italian girls repeatedly demonstrate a sense of style that feels unparalleled among the fashion set. Sure, that je ne sais quoi of the Parisian aesthetic is equally lust-worthy, but when we want something bold and bright, their Mediterranean counterparts are the girls we look to. With a playful approach to fashion, it only makes sense that the local shoes carry the same air of cool.

Ready to shop like an Italian It girl? Below, we’ve pulled together the best Italian shoe brands to add to your collection. From embellished heels and cool shapes to materials that simply stand out, you’re bound to get endless compliments on these cool girl–approved designers. Shop them all below.

You'll feel so cool wearing any of the above.

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