These 3 Bags Are Statistically the Best Investments for 2019

Erin Fitzpatrick

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We won't sugarcoat it: Designer handbags are wildly expensive. If you are shelling out more than a month's rent on a bag, you might as well make the smartest investment possible—which means choosing bags that have the highest resale value should you decide to part ways with it later on. In its newest resale report, The RealReal revealed three bags the company calls "the ultimate investments."

Predictably, one of the biggest bags on the street style scene made the list: the Gucci GG Marmont Belt Bag. "Gucci's GG Marmont collection launched in 2016 and has kept its allure ever singe," The RealReal explained in a press release. "On average, these pieces retain 85% of their retail value, with the Matelassé Belt Bag holding fast at 96%." Perennial hitmaker Louis Vuitton also earned high praise. "Louis Vuitton's effortless bags represent five of the top ten handbags with the highest resale value. The Empreinte Pochette Métis is LV's #1 style and keeps a 95% resale value," read the release.

Last but certainly not least, the Hermès Constance rounds out the list. "The Hermès Constance may well become the next Birkin," The RealReal explained. "In the current logo-obsessed climate, its bold H is to thank for the 67% YoY increase in average prices." Scroll down to shop all three bags with high resale value. 

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