7 Trends That Are Already Dominating 2019

After a quick scroll through Instagram this week, it occurred to me just how many of the 2019 fashion trends I’ve been waiting to see IRL have arrived. Yep, all of those pieces I spotted on the runways so many months back and have written trends reports on are finally trickling onto the Instagram fashion scene. For me, as a fashion editor, one of the most exciting things to see is how fashion insiders wear the trends for themselves and mix them into their everyday wardrobes. It’s one thing to see a tricky trend in the context of a runway but something entirely different to see how the fashion set interprets them.

So which of the major 2019 fashion trends are bubbling up on Instagram? Ahead, I’m highlighting the pieces we’re seeing now that will continue to be huge trends over the coming months. See how the style set is wearing them, and then shop my edit.