15 Instagram Accounts I Look at When I Want to Buy Something

Allyson Payer


For me, shopping is the ultimate boredom buster. That said, I don't always need to buy something. It can just mean an innocent scroll through the new arrivals at Net-a-Porter, and I'm good. It can also mean a scroll through Instagram, as many of the accounts I follow are chock-full of shopping inspiration. But when I actually want to buy something, there are several social media accounts, in particular, that are my ultimate go-tos.

The beauty of shopping via Instagram is that it’s so much more fun than traditional shopping. I love seeing how the latest pieces are styled IRL (or at least the Instagram version of IRL) and seeing how other people respond to items via likes and comments. My favourite accounts for shopping are a combination of cool girls, brands, and boutiques with an aesthetic that just speaks to me. Keep scrolling to see what I mean, starting with people, then brands, and ending with shops.

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