This '80s Bikini Trend Is Dominating Right Now

There are a few things I do every time I lie by the pool or go to the beach (after vigorously applying sunscreen): scrunch up my bikini bottoms to minimize tan lines, grip said bikini bottoms with both hands when exiting bodies of water (such as the pool and ocean) to prevent slippage, and take Instagram photos from very low angles so as to make my legs look as long as possible. While there seems to be little that can be done about the slightly reddish hue my skin takes on despite the copious amount of SPF I apply, this season's most popular bikini trend solves all the remaining warm-weather challenges I’ve encountered.

Hide your low-rises and hide your hipsters because high-leg bikinis are back from the '80s, and they’re here to fit comfortably and accentuate your legs. This super-high-rise, above-the-hip look tightly hugs your body for a comfortable fit and suits every body type. From one-pieces to bikinis, the high-leg cut is going to dominate beaches from Tulum to Mykonos this summer. Go on to see the trend in action, and shop the best high-leg bikinis.

This turquoise color is giving me flashbacks of the time I swam in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The belt makes this one-piece less boxy and more flattering. 

The tie on the bottoms is begging for a hair tie to match. 

The prints in this entire collection are Italy-inspired and equally charming. 

The ruffles, the bow, the floral print… Could this swimsuit be any sweeter?

Don't believe the hype: Horizontal stripes are definitely flattering. 

Pair these versatile bottoms with different colors and prints. 

PSA: This bikini comes with a matching bucket hat.  

This suit looks good on pretty much everyone. See below for proof.

I have this suit and can attest to its fitting form. 

These bikini bottoms hit the perfect spot on your hips. 

True to its name, this is giving me Marilyn Monroe vibes.