21 Heels Under $100 With the Best Customer Reviews

There’s just something about slipping into the perfect pair of heels that instantly elevates your mood—and your outfit. Just like shoes, shoe lovers also come in all shapes and sizes, and what works for one might not work for all. That said, when it comes to assessing the fit and quality of a new pair of heels, the customer reviews section is a step in the right direction. Before clicking “add to cart,” check out these 23 heels with the best reviews from Amazon, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and our own Who What Wear collection—even better? At under $100, you can feel confident about adding “worth every penny” to your next review.


You already buy a hundred other things on Amazon, so why not shoes? Amazon has a decent selection of footwear under the $100 price point, with plenty of department store brand names you’ll recognize. While the behemoth digital retailer may not be your first-choice destination for fancy footwear, it is a reliable source for last-minute basics that will arrive in time for that upcoming wedding, presentation, or power lunch on your calendar.

“They’re quite comfortable—no pinching, despite the nice pointy toe.”

“I work as a flight attendant and am on my feet constantly. As a self-proclaimed full-time fashionista, I refuse to scrimp when it comes to style and was determined to find cute work shoes that didn’t kill my feet. These are it.”

“Great heel coverage—no gaping. Just the right amount of toe coverage that gives a sexy look to the foot. The color is what gives this shoe the ‘wow’ factor, especially for me as a brown-skinned black woman. Looks rich, clean, work with lots and lots of looks, and did I say sexy?!”

“Cutest shoes ever! They are just the right amount of fluffy and feathery.”

“I spent seven hours wearing these heels at a wedding where I was the bridesmaid and there was lots of standing time. Danced in them and I was fine. Really gorgeous. A must-buy.”


Depending on the size and location of your local Bloomingdales, the shoe department can either be amazing or kinda of meh. With that in mind, we love to browse online before venturing out to the store—especially in the winter! Bloomingdales carries a wide range of brands and styles, but for quality heels under $100 (especially great for gifting), you can’t go wrong with the three wise men: Michael, Marc, and Vince.

“These are the perfect, classic heels. Not too high, not too low… just right! The leather is supple and soft, unlike most items passed off as leather these days, which look and feel like plastic.”

“I now have this shoe in four colors, and they have been stable, sturdy, no blisters, and comfy from day one. I easily do about 7000 to 8000 steps a day in these.”

“Absolutely lovely and unique slingbacks… The shoes are very walkable and stable due to the block heel. Even with the sleek look of the pointy toe, the shoes are super comfy.”

Who What Wear Collection

We’d be remiss not to point out a few of the affordable and insanely chic shoes in the Who What Wear collection at Target. Editors in both our NYC and L.A. offices routinely wear WWWC pumps not only because they’re designed by our colleagues, but also because they’re so transitional, taking us from the office to market appointments and after-hours events. While the reviews below are from real customers and not Who What Wear employees, we’ll admit at least three of us are wearing the grosgrain kitten-heel mules in red on any given day.

“On-trend plaid for this season. So stylish. Comfortable and true to size fit. Nice heel height for easy mobility.”

“I love these shoes. They’re super cute, fit very true to size, and are surprisingly comfortable. I honestly only got these because they were so cute. I pretty much expected them to be strictly for looks, and comfort would have gone out the window. Not the case. I don’t know how you do it, Target.”

“Love them! The fabric is a little snug and it takes a second to get them on just right, but they’re comfortable and really nice looking! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them!”

“Love these shoes! This is my first Who What Wear shoe purchase, and I’m so pleased. The quality has certainly exceeded my expectations at this price point, and the style is even cuter in person. These look and feel like expensive shoes, and I can’t wait to wear them.”

“Love, love, love these shoes! They look SO much more expensive than they actually are, and I’ve already gotten so many comments. The short heel is also v easy to walk in, and it’s perfect for the office.”


If you love to shop as much as we do, you probably have at least one Nordstrom tab open right now. If not, we have a feeling top-rated under-$100 picks below are about to change that pretty quickly. But don’t just take our word for it—let these reviews speak for themselves! Happy shopping.

“Love the tweed and patent leather combo. Stylish, classic pump. Went up a half size and was glad I did. Love this shoe.”

“These are amazing. My toes don’t hang over the front (pet peeve!). They hold your feet in place. No sliding forward. They’re super sexy. The ankle strap is on point.”

“So cute and comfy! Really couldn’t believe I danced for five hours straight and had no pain whatsoever. That’s unheard of for me… I got so many compliments, I’m in love!”

“I’ve been looking for navy heels for some time now. Glad I ordered these because it’s a true navy heel. The block heel makes the shoe comfortable.”

“I love this shoe. The heel height is perfect; this is a very stylish shoe.”

“I adore the color and quality of the suede—really beats out similar shoes I’ve purchased in the past that are two or three times the price! Great fit, and I was able to wear them all day comfortably. Tons of compliments on the color!”

“It’s so difficult to find high-style shoes in wide widths, but these are gorgeous. The cheetah heel takes these to the next level, and the cut is also very slimming.”

“Very cute, and also surprisingly comfy! They don't fall off your feet when you walk, and the strap across the toes feels fine (doesn’t pinch or rub or anything). I really like these, and they fit true to size.”

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