5 Halloween Costume Ideas for the True Fashion Girl

Kristen Nichols

Halloween is one of those holidays that always seems to sneak up without warning. So when a last-minute invite to a costume party arrives in your inbox, it can leave you scrambling to find something to wear at the last minute. With picked-over stores and last-minute plans, the whole scenario can prove to be a stressful experience that ultimately ends with a less than stellar costume.

This year, try getting a jumpstart on your outfit for Halloween. Not only does it give the the change to get creative with your costume, you might also have the change to add some cool pieces to your wardrobe. Those pink furry heels you’ve been eyeing? Perfect for a Marie Antoinette-inspired look. And the white ankle boots on your wish list? The ultimate shoe for a ‘60s mod outfit. Want to see which ideas we’re behind?

Keep reading to shop 5 Halloween costume ideas that are fashion girl approved.


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