It's Leo Season, So Don't Hold Back Now—6 Looks That Will Demand the Spotlight

It's officially Leo season, and the category is extra. Leos' planetary ruler is the sun, which means fire, drama, fun, and joy abound this month. We all know after August comes back-to-school month aka Virgo season (i.e. sensibility and practicality), so this August, I'm going all out. I'll stop there on the kindergarten astrology and leave the rest to the experts, but you get the point. It's "show off what your mama gave you" season! I'll be wearing my best looks everywhere—including to the beach, to a wedding, on a night out with the girls, and even while doing errands—simply because I can. Can I get an amen?

Keep scrolling for the best Leo season–appropriate looks plucked from these Instagram streets and all the coolest finds from across the internet that make me giddy just thinking about them. It's time to make some plans because these looks deserve to be taken out and spoiled, as do you. Have fun!

Date-Worthy Minis

Best 2021 going out outfits: date-worthy mini skirts and shorts



Looking to spice up your date-night outfits? Look no further. A dramatic miniskirt paired with a basic tank is the way to go. This effortlessly chic look is a feast for the eyes and will make your partner step up their date game as well. It screams "do better."

Love this blingy twist on a casual summertime staple. She can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The masterful stitching behind this design will make everyone look twice.

This beauty will make an appearance year-round. Wear it this summer with strappy sandals and in the winter with tights and tall boots.

This little number is classic and a little sassy.

There are so many white tees to choose from these days, but I keep coming back to these.

Risqué Going-Out Dresses

Best 2021 going out outfits: risqué going out dresses and heels



When Beyoncé said "get your freakum dress on," this number made by Syndical Chamber is exactly what she meant. The peak of summer is on the horizon, and there's no better way to celebrate than by wearing a short, sexy dress and bright, audacious heels.

The number of buttons that are clasped is a function of how much trouble you plan on getting into.

Remember clubbing in the 2000s? This print and cut are everything.

These are made to literally catch the spotlight.

Textured Summer Whites

Best 2021 going out outfits: textured summer whites



Summer whites will always be a thing, so you might as well invest in the look. This season, I'll be focusing my purchases on textured pieces that add dimension and flair to the fabled all-white Diddy party look. My favorite texture at the moment is this plissé fabric—it's both fancy and cool, airy and structured. I truly can't get enough.

As thinly veiled as the compliments on RHOP.

Pair this top with palazzo pants and black shades; you'll be the coolest one at the cookout.

Invest in these Issey pants for your future children's sake. Do it for the babies!

Showstopping Wedding Guest Dresses

Best 2021 going out outfits: showstopping wedding guest dresses



It's technically the bride's day, but that doesn't mean you have to dim your own light! Don't be afraid to take fashion risks when dressing for a wedding. Yes, all the aunties might stare, but get that outfit off, honey. 

I'd never think to wear a caftan to a formal event, but this one shifts the narrative. Everything from the high leg to the exaggerated fringe and the striking pink hue makes it a dream. Now, just imagine it at golden hour. You're welcome.

Presenting the dress you'll get away with wearing to everyone's wedding by just changing the accessories.

Party in the front, Bridgerton in the back.

Corsets for Gallery Hopping

Best 2021 going out outfits: corsets for gallery hopping



Structural pieces like corsets and layered skirts are the perfect complement for a day of gallery hopping. They're eye-catching and intriguing, inviting onlookers to dig a little deeper, just as they would with the art around them. Raya gets it—her 'fit is curated to perfection.

We collectively stan! My metamorphosis is loading…

Dion Lee is the reigning champ in the corset space.

Such a unique neckline. Everyone will want to know where you got it from.

Excuse me while I wear this top to exhaustion.

Errands in Orange

IDK about you, but during Leo season, I'm not even looking at the grays and blacks in my closet. The firey energy of this month calls for the queen of the color spectrum: miss orange herself. Choose this bright hue in casual, laid-back pieces to set the right balance between "look at me" and "there's nothing to see here."

This apricot shirt is as crisp as the first bite.

This would look beautiful with a fresh-off-the-beach tan.

Slightly fitted, this one looks great buttoned up and with layered necklaces.

I'm already planning to wear this on a beach in Mexico.

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