8 Cute Outfits to Wear With Flip-Flops


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If you thought flip-flops were only meant to be used for community showers and the swimming pool, think again. They might not be the typical sandals we reach for when it comes to creating a outfit, but the staple has gotten a few updates for this year, and we’re not upset about it. And when you’ve got the best flip-flops on the market, why overlook them for your outfits?

Creating a complete ensemble with flip-flops, however, can be hard to imagine—especially when you’re used to wearing your favourite slides or sneakers. So we looked to some of the most fashionable women out there and took notes on how they’re wearing the trend. You’ll find that flip-flops aren’t as polarising as you once thought.

From cool embellished straps to minimalistic sandals, we guarantee that these shoes will change the way you see flip-flops from here on out.

See? Flip-flops are way more stylish than you might have thought.

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