Are You a Real Fashion Lover? Then You've Seen These Videos

There couldn't be a better pairing than fashion and film (it's like peanut butter and jelly—a seamless duo). Right? Think about it—with entertaining narratives and drool-worthy clothing, you can’t go wrong. But since most of us don’t have the time to watch a feature length during our afternoon break, let’s compromise and get our on-screen sartorial inspiration from shorter videos.

We’ve rounded up ten must-see fashion films, featuring Wes Anderson x Prada, Aubrey Plaza x Los Angeles–based brand Co, and Chloë Sevigny x Sia’s dancing darling, Maddie Ziegler, just to name a few. Now, for your viewing pleasure, scroll through our edit and let these shorts do the talking—and more importantly, the wardrobe influencing. 

“De Djess”


Miu Miu collaborated with women in the film industry to create a series called "Women’s Tales." It's impossible to single out a favourite, but Alice Rohrwacher's contribution is pretty incredible. Inaugurate yourself into the fan club with this whimsical tale in which the leading lady, a dress, lands on a shore in an imaginary world. These nonsense vibes are just what we need! 

“Lucking Thirteen”

We’re obsessed with this nostalgic throwback narrated by Chloë Sevigny. There’s fun dancing, experimental clothing, high energy, and just the right attitude—all the things you’d expect from a fashion-focused coming-of-age short.

“She Said, She Said”

This Co-creation sits at the same intersection of sophistication, approachability, and wit that the brand's clothing embodies. If you haven’t seen this star-studded, funny, and fashion-oriented short yet, hop to!

“Tide High”

Now that you've gotten your giggles out with Co, bring out your inner existentialist with this through-provoking Dries Van Noten video.

“Castello Cavalcanti”


When it comes to dreamy landscapes, quirky characters, and flawless colour schemes, Wes Anderson never disappoints. And when it comes to fashion, Prada is perfection. It’s a match made in heaven! #SwipeRight (Translation: Click play.)

“The Laundromat”


If you liked the last one, here’s another awesome film by Prada, which is part of the video collection "The Postman Dreams." It's the only thing recorded in human history to actually make laundry day look appealing (and glamorous, for that matter). 

“Getting There”

If you’re into documentaries but only have five minutes to spare, check out this short Chelsea McMullen film brought to us by the Nowness that gives us a glimpse into Isabel Marant’s morning routine.

“Blue Denim”

Gia Coppola teamed up with to make this cheeky short starring Alexa Chung. Clad in an adorable denim dress from her AG Jeans collaboration, Chung lets her funny side shine and makes us want to ditch work early for a round of karaoke. (We'll bring the playlist if you bring the earplugs.)

“A Temporal Echo”

Are you as obsessed with the M2Malletier It bag as we are? If so, this visually captivating piece is right up your alley. It's also your kind of thing if you sci-fi and fantasy that leaves you with more questions than answers. 


Although not directly linked to fashion, we had to include Beyoncé's most recent music video. Every frame has a covetable garment. Every. Single. Frame. Just look at that Alessandra Rich gown at 2:18!

What's your favourite video? Let us know in the comments below. And if you want to get comfy but stay stylish while you watch more fashion videos, check out this offering of stylish athleisure

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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