6 Summer Trends I'd Buy Full-Price Versus on Sale

I'm an extremely picky shopper, which can be good or bad for my wallet. On the plus side, I know that my closet is full of pieces I genuinely love. The bad news, however, is that once I spot something that meets my criteria, I'm usually not willing to risk waiting around for it to become discounted for fear that it will sell out. And that's where the ever-present fashion conundrum lies: What should I buy full-price, and what should I buy on sale?

To answer that question, I did a lot of sifting through retailers to find my favorite summer trends for 2020. If there weren't enough stylish on-sale options for a certain trend, I decided to put it in the buy-full-price bucket. On the other hand, if the trend has been around for a while and has lots of amazing discounted pieces, I placed it in the buy-on-sale category. Scroll down to shop the best fashion investments for summer. 

Buy Full-Price: Statement Collars

Buy on Sale: Tie-Dye 

Buy Full-Price: Printed Vacation Shirts

Buy on Sale: Chunky Sandals

Buy Full-Price: Open Backs

Buy on Sale: Puff-Sleeve Dresses

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