9 Investment Buys I Can Personally Attest Are Worth It

Anna LaPlaca

For a long time, the way I shopped was dictated by inexpensive and impulsive purchases. While there's a certain amount of fun in these cheap thrills, exclusively shopping this way ultimately left my wardrobe in a state of haphazardness where nothing felt cohesive. Finally, I gained enough perspective to realise that there's so much value in making more thought-out investment purchases (is this what being an adult is like?). Suffice it to say, my closet is getting more and more versatile thanks to these smart buys.

I've come to wear each of the following pieces so frequently that I think I'd actually be mad if I hadn't purchased them. From bags to sunglasses to shoes, the majority of my best fashion investment pieces aren't actually clothing items, but accessories. For me, a well-made purse that I can wear on repeat and a pair of sunglasses I'll never tire of are the ultimate investments. If you're looking for investment shopping inspiration or are just curious to see which nine items I'm highly recommending, keep reading to see how I've styled each of them and then to shop my picks.

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