8 New It Brands We're Paying Close Attention To (and Why)

Anna LaPlaca

If you were to ask any of us what everyone will be buzzing about in six months' time, we'd have more than a few ideas. You see, as editors, we gleefully spend an inordinate amount of time researching (and sharing with you), the industry up-and-comers who are just about the get big. Believe us: We've shared it all, from the newest shoe designers to know to handbag brands you'll see all the It girls wear in no time (and everything in between). Which is why we decided to zoom out further and discuss the new It brands we editors hold dear to our hearts.

Since we scout the internet on the daily for the best and brightest, consider the following eight names to be our shortlist of the best fashion brands straight from our editors. If you ask our market editor, Nicole, it's all about how The Range is shaking up wardrobe basics. Our senior news editor, Erin, and our managing editor, Michelle, on the other hand, both have new Italian shoe brands in view. These and a handful more under-the-radar names are what you can expect to discover in the following edit. Ready to hit "follow" and commit these fashion brands to memory?

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