Shop the New Wave of Graphic Tees

Nicole Akhtarzad

For most of us, the experience of buying a graphic tee is or at least was once associated with things like fishing through a bin or racks of clothing at the local OP shop, or scrolling through eBay for hours on end. Money aside, this was simply the price you had to pay for the perfect tee. Today, however, for those looking for a high-end experience, things seem to have drastically changed. If luxury is your middle name and big budgets are your game, there’s a new wave of graphic tees to shop from the comfort of your laptop or your favourite boutique, courtesy of some of our favourite designers. Think: Loewe, Gucci, Valentino, and more, all producing their own versions of the staple, thanks to the rise of streetwear as a major trend.

Shop (or simply marvel at) the coolest, new-age designer graphic tees below!

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