25 Cotton Thongs That Are Cool and Comfortable

We all wear underwear every day (presumably, of course), and that means it's usually easy to pinpoint which style is your favorite. Hipsters, bikinis, high-waisted, G-strings—you name it. However, in the summertime, we can't recommend a cotton thong enough. They are true game changers.

Sure, cotton is the most breathable and comfortable fabric to have on your body all day, but when paired with a thong's seamless silhouette, it creates a smooth feeling underneath your clothing that doesn't make you hyper-aware of your every movement. (So key in summer.)

Below we've rounded up the best cotton thongs that will have you rethinking your usual undergarment ways and hopefully for the better.

Doux Sol intimates are ethically made with regenerative fibers. 


Yes to a bit of lace included. 


Love your neutrals? SKIMS is your brand.

Only the best cotton for your underwear. 


Added stretch is always a plus. 


The perfect price to give cotton thongs a try. 


May or may not make you feel like an angel. 


As about as romantic-looking as underwear can get.

The comfort of Aerie's intimates is unmatched.

Perfect if you care about VPL.


Playful and pretty. 


Yes, it's even possible to wear thongs during Aunt Flo.

Truly seamless. 


This post was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated. 

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