The One Thing to Look Out for on All Your Summer Dress Labels

When it comes to finding the ideal dress, a few criteria instantly come to mind: 1. It must be breezy, 2. It must be comfortable, and 3. It can take us through summer's hottest days. (Pockets are a welcome bonus.) But to make your search easier, we are sharing the one thing you have to look out for on all your summer dress labels: cotton.

Cotton is the ultimate summer fabric and for good reason. Not only is this natural fibre soft and airy, but it also raises the quality of your garments instantly. That's why, if the percentage of cotton of the dress you're eyeing is less than 50%, you should reconsider.

Don't fret though—we've put together the best cotton dresses of the summer in one place so you can stock up and never not be summer-ready.

Care about what else is on your clothing labels? We do too.

Opening Image: @thatsaleaf

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