The Comfortable Shoe Trends 10 Out of 10 Fashion Girls Wear

Kristen Nichols

I recently did a closet cleanout to streamline the pieces in my wardrobe and get rid of the items that have been sitting there, unworn and collecting dust, and you know what I realised? All of my shoes with sky-high heels or the ones that lead to blisters an hour in had to go. The truth is I never end up wearing them—or if I do, I immediately regret it once I leave the house—and I’m not willing to waste any precious closet space on any shoes I don’t love or want to wear on the regular.

If you similarly have zero tolerance for uncomfortable shoes, I’ve put together a handy guide of the styles to wear instead. These are shoes you’ll spot on the street style scene and Who What Wear editors and that are endorsed by all of the coolest fashion girls, so they’re comfortable, yes, but equally important, they are also super stylish. Ahead, see eight cool shoe trends that you won’t regret investing in.

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