6 Secretly Amazing Basics Brands We Never Talk About

Allyson Payer

Perhaps more so than with any other wardrobe category, everyone is loyal to their favourite basics brands, which probably has something to do with the fact that we wear them on repeat. We're all aware that Everlane, Topshop, and Madewell (to name a few) are excellent sources for affordable, versatile basics, but you probably already have a closet full of those brands. That's where we come in. We Who What Wear Australia editors pride ourselves for having an extensive knowledge of under-the-radar brands, and that, naturally, includes brands with incredible basics. While you may have heard us mention some of these brands before, they're considerably more "secret" than the aforementioned ones, and we fully believe they deserve a place in your closet. Not only that, but each and every one of them is expensive-looking yet affordable. Ready to get to know the secret basics brands we're obsessed with?

Read on to familiarise yourself with some of our editors' favourite basics brands and shop their favourite piece from each!

Shop the chic basics every fashion girl should own.

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