These Are the Best Camisoles for Layering


Collage Vintage

If there’s one classic tried-and-true styling tip, it’s layering. From wearing tights under your jeans to trending graphic sweatshirts under blazers, combining two contrasting styles will always create a cool and unique look. The latest piece to add to the mix? Camisoles. While you might reserve these delicate tops for the bedroom or perhaps a night out on the town, there’s more to the style than you might think. If you’re a fan of the slipdress over a shirt, this is the next trend for you.

Simple but effective, throwing on a camisole will add exactly what you want to an outfit. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of modesty to a sheer top for a work event, or you want to add some texture or visual interest to an otherwise plain white T-shirt, you’ll easily turn heads. Not to mention that they  look absolutely chic on their own when you’re in the mood to show a little skin here or there. See how the look is done below, and then shop some of our favorite picks for your own closet.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.