Which Bras Actually Look Seamless Under a T-Shirt?

Kat Collings

Collage Vintage 

Gorgeous lingerie gets plenty of time in the spotlight—who doesn’t get excited about pretty little bits of lace?—but the plain, nude bras women wear day in and day out are really the backbones of the intimates world. After all, what do you wear more often, a nude bra or a lace corset? So I figured it was time to highlight the best bras out there with the ultimate test: evaluating how they look under a form-fitting white T-shirt.

I tried a plethora of basic bras and narrowed my favourites down to five standout picks. I think it’s safe to say that the five winners ahead are officially the best bras to wear underneath white T-shirts (if I do say so myself). The best part being that the winners weren't all the most expensive ones either, so you don't have to worry about them all being out of reach. Scroll down to see how the bras actually look under a tee and to find the perfect nude bra for you.

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