Just Ask Our Slack Chats—Beauty Editors FTFO Over These 9 Boy Smells Perfumes

We love Boy Smells, plain and simple. The cheeky fragrance brand makes the most adventurous scents, and I can say without a doubt that they smell completely exhilarating on absolutely everyone. The beauty team here at Who What Wear can't get enough—just ask our Slack channel.

To our delight, the brand started as a candle-making business in the kitchen of founders Matthew Herman and David Kien but later expanded to include exquisitely crafted perfumes to wear beyond just your home. Although, I won't lie to you. I've definitely worn several of the brand's scents when just lounging around at home (not sorry). Each is designed to seamlessly blend traditionally masculine notes with feminine notes in such a way that you won't even think to attach gender labels to any of the brand's divine-smelling aromas.

Any time I'm looking to throw something on that's a bit muskier or woodier (a rare occurrence for me), I turn to Boy Smells fragrances because they always come with a side of lighter, airy notes that make the scent totally its own. For a few editor-favorite fragrances along with the candles we can't live without from the brand, keep scrolling below.

1. Rose Load Genderful Fine Fragrance

Key notes: rhubarb, cardamom, pink peppercorn, rose petals, Turkish rose absolute, raspberry blossom, papyrus, agarwood, sandalwood

This is anything but your average rose perfume. With top notes of rhubarb, cardamom, and pink pepper, it opens a tad sharply but dries down to be incredibly smooth. It's a favorite of mine, senior beauty editor Erin Jahns, and my fellow associate beauty editor Katie Berohn.

"It's genuinely one of my favorite scents. I wear it so much at this point that it's almost reached signature-scent status. I realize this is a common perfume trope, but I really do get an absurd number of compliments when I wear this, and I always keep sniffing my own wrist when I have it on because I love the smell so much. It has rose at the heart, but it has top notes of rhubarb, cardamom, and pink pepper and woodsy base notes to make it unique among rose scents (and I'm really not a rose-perfume gal!)." — Berohn 

2. Flor de la Virgen Genderful Fine Fragrance

Key notes: pomelo, saffron, lemon rind, fig leaf, ivy leaves, jasmine petals, olibanum, cistus, labdanum, clear musks, ambrox

The only way I can describe this scent is it's a rich, almost woody floral. It's the added notes of fig leaf, jasmine, and pomelo for me. Although I don't necessarily like to attach gender to fragrances, this one feels so warm, feminine, and inviting to me. 

"Flor de la Virgen is exquisite. Like, truly perfect. I know 'intoxicating' is an overly played word in the fragrance arena, but this perfume is truly worthy. Citrusy scents aren't usually my play, but this one is a well-rounded balance of pomelo, saffron, lemon rind, and fig leaf on top; ivy leaves, jasmine petals, and olibanum in the middle; and cistus, labdanum, clear musks, and ambrox at the base. Try it, and you'll be the best-smelling person in the room." — Jahns

"I'm a fragrance polygamist, so I'm constantly switching up my scents. Flor de la Virgen gives me life. It's just such a mood-lifting fragrance. It's bright, fun, and the perfect combination of feminine flavors and musky undertones. The juicy burst of pomelo is sweetened up with a hint of honey and goes into soft jasmine notes that just hits you by surprise. When it dries down, it's kind of this soapy musk that really solidifies my love for this scent." Caitie Schlisserman, Branded Content Director, Beauty

3. Violet Ends Genderful Fine Fragrance

Key notes: rhubarb, bergamot, black pepper, violet, black tea, tobacco leave, incense, orris, white birch, tanned leather, smoked papyrus

If you like a smokier floral scent, Violet Ends will be your jam. With notes of black pepper, bergamot, violet, orris, and smoked papyrus, it's definitely a slow and smoldering burn.

4. Suede Pony Genderful Fine Fragrance

Key notes: saffron, pineapple, cardamom, plum, violet, hazelnut, coconut water, suede, patchouli fraction, labdanum, blonde woods

"This is the perfume I intentionally wear on days when I know I'll be in close proximity to other people—hugging, touching, shaking hands, the whole shebang. And really, my motives are purely selfish. I freaking love it when people tell me I smell amazing, and let me tell ya, this one rakes in the compliments. I happen to be wearing it right now, and someone quite literally just told me I smell delicious. I hate the word sexy, but there really is no other word to describe this perfume—it has a unique mix of notes (saffron, pineapple, cardamom, plum, violet, hazelnut, coconut water, suede, patchouli, and blonde woods), which makes it hard to pin to a certain fragrance family. It's the ultimate plot twist in a perfume! Simply put, it will make you want to do bad things. You've been warned." — Jahns



5. Marble Fruit Genderful Fine Fragrance

Key notes: pear, pink peppercorn, nectarine, cinnamon, rose centifolia, jasmine, magnolia, ambrox, musk, cedar

To be honest with you, I'm not even sure what the name Marble Fruit brings to mind, but I can definitely tell you it's something 100% unique. Normally, I wouldn't even think notes like pear, pink peppercorn, nectarine, cinnamon, and musk would blend well together, but as usual, Boy Smells has proved me wrong. It's one of those scents that just works. It's fresh but also leaves you shrouded in a haze of floral musk that floats delicately around you throughout the day.

6. Tantrum Genderful Fine Fragrance

Key notes: bergamot, mint leaf, green peppercorn, galbanum, orris, mate, Tagetes, sandalwood, vetiver, Virginian cedarwood, ambrox

To me, Tantrum is an earthier scent with a base of sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, and ambrox expertly blended with lighter notes like mint leaf and green peppercorn. It's earthy but also warm and slightly spicy. It's truly a perfectly balanced fragrance.

7. Cowboy Kush Genderful Fine Fragrance

Key notes: hazelnut, white leather, mandarin, tobacco, saffron flower, cannabis leaf, suede, labdanum, tonka bean, patchouli, oud

I'm a sucker for anything with hazelnut and tonka bean, so naturally, Cowboy Kush makes this list. I won't lie to you. I'm not usually a gal who loves the smell of saffron, but this complex fragrance blends it in so seamlessly that it amplifies and complements the other notes in such a beautiful way. The tonka bean base with patchouli and oud also really adds richness to its flavor.



8. Italian Kush Genderful Fine Fragrance

Key notes: pomelo, limoncello, black peppercorn, basil, mimosa, cannabis leaves, pistachio, cypress, patchouli, sandalwood, agarwood, labdanum

I know I say this a lot, but this has to be one of the most distinct fragrances that have ever hit my nose. I mean, notes of pistachio and mimosa? Automatic yes. I've never owned a perfume with both notes, especially layered on top of a woody base of sandalwood, agarwood, and labdanum. 

9. Hinoki Fantôme Genderful Fine Fragrance

"I'm obsessed with Hinoki Fantôme in both candle and perfume form. It's in the top five of my favorite fragrances ever. It's just the right mix of warm, earthy, and vibrant. I always get compliments when I wear it or when I have the candle lighted at home." — Sarah Yang, Managing Editor, THE/THIRTY

Best Boy Smells Candles



This limited-edition candle collaboration with Kacey Musgraves couldn't be more heavenly. Notes of black pepper, ginger zest, raspberry, cedarwood, vanilla, and tonka bean meld together for a truly delicious slow burn.

Fiery, warm, and smoky, this candle will make you feel like you're perched by the campfire at night with notes of firewood, smoke, charcoal, and hay. Or, if you're more into an energy cleansing type of vibe, it's also laced with sweet and woody palo santo for that too.

"I definitely consider myself a candle person, and when I break out the Boy Smells, that means it's time for some serious self-care. Lanai's tropical notes—namely the coconut—remind me of a piña colada (aka my favorite drink) in candle form but infused with rich floral notes. It's such a beautiful scent that's also instantly relaxing." Indya Brown, Market Editor

Hot take: I don't really like incense. But I'll always make an exception for Boy Smells candles that feature it because they've never done me wrong. Hypernature Fleurshadow also contains other notes like rose, violet, wild geranium, and patchouli so it creates the perfect atmosphere for incense to slip right in unnoticed.

Agua de Jardín evokes the feeling of a vacation somewhere luscious and green. The spice of pimento berry and ivy leaves fuses with the lighter scent of coconut water. Your space will feel like a rich and exotic paradise.

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