This Site Lets You Shop the World’s Biggest Trends, One City at a Time


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When we think high-end fashion, fast-paced style evolutions and impeccable style, cities like New York, Paris, Milan, and London all come to mind. Maybe it’s due to the fact that these cities have become inextricably linked to their prestigious fashion weeks, or maybe it’s the big-city lifestyle that demands these cities’ inhabitants to step up their style game every day, but regardless of what causes the association, it’s definitely there.

And while we love Australian fashion and the laid back, beach-centric lifestyle it meshes so well with, we can’t help but imagine what we’d choose to wear (and what we’d want to buy) if we lived in these bustling fashion hubs. Thanks to the internet, we now have a solution to fulfill that urge. And no, you don’t have to re-locate across the world to accomplish it. In an effort to uncover the world’s best boutiques we’ve discovered Shoptiques —and our wardrobes are about to be more worldly than ever before.

Filtering by city, Shoptiques is like a virtual shopping-guide that can take you all around the world at the click of button. Better yet, the site curates its selections from the absolute best boutiques, so don’t worry about not finding something you’ll like; it’s practically guaranteed when someone else has already sifted through all the duds for you.

Much like your typical online retailer, Shoptiques allows you to sort the site’s content in a plethora of ways. You can shop by price, category, trend, designer and boutique, but our favourite option is by far shopping by city. With destinations ranging from  Mexico City to Berlin, you can now shop the travel destination of your dreams, from the comfort of your own home. To confirm the site’s accuracy, we looked at the Sydney curation: It passed the test. With options like minimalist leather sandals, flirty floral print dresses, and endless gold jewellery, Shoptiques definitely has captured Sydney style perfectly. So where will you shop next? We’re thinking Paris, Copenhagen, maybe L.A… the options are endless. Scroll on to see our favourite picks from the world’s most fashionable cities.


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