These 5 Things Are So Good I Wrote an Entire Story About Them

Allyson Payer

Some of my Who What Wear stories have upward of 40 pieces that I'm vouching for at any given time. This one has just five. The reason? They're so good that they require one's full attention, in my humble opinion. Most of these items are ones that I've acquired within the last six months, so the good news is that they're all still readily available to purchase in case I convince you to join me. 

Elevated basics are my favourite basics to buy. Sure, we all need basics, but basics tend to be a bit boring. I fully support those purchases too, of course, but basics don't have to be that way. The below clothing and accessories (including shoes, clothes, and some jewellery) I'm borderline obsessed with are anything but boring. Keep scrolling to find out why and to shop them for yourself. Trust me when I say you'll want to.

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