This Is What Cool Girls Were Wearing in the Fall 20 Years Ago

It's hard to believe that 1998 was 20 years ago, but it was, and it happened to be a very stylish year. It was a year when the It girls at the time included Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Keri Russell, and the It trends at the time included square-toed shoes, animal print, and slip skirts. (Sounds very 2018, don't you think?)

Just as we recently did for summer '90s outfits, we've left no '90s-fall-outfit stone unturned, and our look back at what cool girls were wearing in late 1998 has proven to be very fruitful. (Most intriguing to us is that celebrities hardly ever wore sneakers out, but they loved all-black outfits.) So if you adore '90s style, these looks will have you craving fall weather so that you can get into all the sweater sets, straight-leg jeans, and leather your heart desires.

Scroll on for 19 fall outfits that celebs wore 20 years ago (just be sure you scroll all the way down to SJP…), and shop pieces inspired by their looks.