The French-Girl Accessory Our Office Is Obsessed With

Alina Gonzalez
by Alina Gonzalez


When it comes to straw bags, we don't discriminate. Tall, short, rectangular or circle, structured and boxy, or fluid and sculptural, they're the ideal summer holiday bag: lightweight, cute, versatile, and Instagrammable. And they're definitely having a moment: Not a day goes by that we don't see various versions on It girls at the office, fashion events, and in our feeds.

That said, there's still space for unique straw bags to catch our eye—ones that have a specific look we haven't quite seen before, and Bembien has created just that. The newly launched brand, founded by a former Vogue staffer, provides woven straw bags that are a shade darker and richer than most straw bags on the market, which makes them look even more luxe than they cost. The brand offers four marquee styles that are structured box or circle bags, and look like that elusive vintage score you spend a lifetime dreaming of finding at a flea market in an exotic locale. The editors at our office have already gone mad for Bembien (see above and below), and when something has the Jeanne Damas's stamp of approval, you know it's trend gold. Just the other day, we caught an Insta-story snap of Damas showing off the bag, and she's used it to style the new summer dresses that went live on Rouje just today. 

 Scroll down to see the darling bags in action and to shop them for yourself.

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