Please, Let's Stop Trying to Make a Nip Slip News

Aemilia Madden


As an editor working at a digital publication, I spend an inordinate amount of time perusing the internet, especially about fashion. Dominating today's news cycle, straight from Paris Haute Couture Week, was the fact that Bella Hadid "suffered" a nip slip on the runway at Alexandre Vauthier. Here's the thing, I'm pretty sure (actually, really sure) that isn't news.

I'd like to start by pointing out that one look at the full collection makes it clear there's no attempt to hide anyone's breasts. Models walked the runway in completely sheer tops and dresses with plunging necklines, so an exposed sliver of nipple isn't worth batting an eye at.

But, more important than runway precedent, I'd like to point out that, as a culture, devoting time and energy to the reveal of a woman's breast seems wholly unnecessary. As women, we fight to celebrate our bodies, not to hide them. With the accession of the #freethenipple movement across social media, we've signified that we women are unwilling to let anyone shame us, clothed or nude.

Personally, as a woman who is able to forgo a bra easily (the blessings of inheriting my mum's small chest), I've found life to be pretty great untethered (as has Kendall Jenner, model and friend of Hadid's). There are plenty of jokes where we as women proclaim that the greatest moment of our day is the one when we take our bras off, so why put them on to begin with?

If there's anything to highlight in all of this, it would have to be the fact that Bella Hadid seemed to care least of all about any sort of "wardrobe malfunction." Instead, she worked the runway like the pro that she is. It seems that it's time to focus our attention on real news, and let the nipple be free once and for all.

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