Bella Hadid Found a Clever Purpose for Her Leather Jacket

Leave it to a supermodel to somehow turn a classic item into something with a fresh new twist we've never seen before. Bella Hadid just stepped out wearing your standard leather jacket, a staple item many modern women have in their closets at any given time. However, it's the way she styled it that made us do a double-take. Here's the scoop—she fastened the buckle of her jacket, but she left the rest of it totally open. In this way, it functions perfectly as a belt, even though it technically isn't looped into her pants. It's really a pretty clever use of the item, considering so many moto jackets have belts but no one ever uses them like this. This unique styling trick, along with her statement patterned pants, and shiny patent ankle boots, is so next-level. We've never seen it before, but we're planning on integrating it into our vault of style tricks ASAP.

Scroll on to see the look for yourself!

Bella Hadid Belted Leather Moto Jacket 2016


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