We Just Shot Bella Hadid Backstage at Fashion Week

Amanda Bardas

When you have five minutes with one of the world's most famous models, what do you do? Grab the nearest camera (which in our case happens to be a FujiFilm Instax) and start snapping, of course. 

Bella Hadid is spending a red-hot minute in Sydney today to walk exclusively for Misha Collection at Fashion Week Australia. She's fresh off a plane from Cannes, and we've been following her Sydney journey so far. First stop? Watson's Bay Hotel for sunset drinks with Misha Collection founder Michelle Aznavorian, followed by a girl-gang hangout with Australian models Annabella Barber and Bambi Northwood-Blyth. It's nice to know that the beautiful stick together.

Right before Bella Hadid took to the runway, we spoke to the model about her best style tips and career advice. Keep scrolling to see our exclusive shoot and read our interview.


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Tell us what you think about our mini shoot with Bella Hadid and then shop Misha Collection here if you're feeling inspired.

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