Bella Hadid Just Wore 5 Early-2000s Trends at Once

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On Bella Hadid: Wesley Berryman Spring 2017 jacket; Wesley Berryman Spring 2017 pants.

While it's safe to say the '90s style revival is far from over, it appears that the next decade up is beginning to make its way into our sartorial predilections. At the beginning of this year we saw that early-2000s trends are on their way back so it's only fitting that we should close out 2016 with a shameless dose of styles from the era.

Last night, Bella Hadid brought back the decade in a big way, not rocking one, not two, but five early-2000s staples at once. Attending a dinner and after party to celebrate her Paper Magazine cover, Hadid wore a daring ensemble infused with several elements we haven't seen all together since TRL was still on air. On top she wore an asymmetrical one-sleeve top that also happened to be a major crop top. Her super low-slung pants flaunted contrast stitching and lace-up detail down the legs and at the fly—very Christina Aguilera circa 2002. She carried a matching jacket and accessorised with oversize hoops to complete her early-2000s look.

Head to the comments to share your thoughts on the 2000s making a comeback and shop these pants to recreate her look.


Opening Image: Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty.

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